Triumph TR3 A

The TR3 readily shows its vintage roots with its large vertical steering wheel and low cut doors. It is hard to beat the pure thrill of cruising down a back road while nestled in the low bucket seat of a TR3.

It feels comparatively rough and ready against our other 60s sports cars. Feeling and hearing the throaty power of its two liter engine and down-shifting the four-speed gear box while steering around a sharp bend! With its open cockpit and low slung doors, the TR3 is a true roadster, although it does have a snap-on top and clip on vinyl windows in case a brief thunderstorm tries to spoil your fun.

The Triumph TR3A was the first production car to include standard disk brakes and was reknown for its superior braking ability. In addition, this TR was used as an historic rally car by its previous owner, and benefits from various upgrades, including an up rated engine and rack and pinion steering.

In other words, there are few better ways to enjoy the English sports car experience than with this Triumph!