Imagine driving your favourite classic car through the glorious countryside. Imagine yourself sitting behind the wheel of an iconic 1960s sports car with the wind in your hair, or cruising in luxury in a Jaguar or other grand saloon. You’ve probably never thought that this could ever be possible without re-mortgaging the house. And if you bought the car of your dreams, where would you keep it and how would you maintain it?

ith almost 20 cars to choose from, you can experience every type of classic driving you could imagine from the legendary Austin Healey, to the sporty MGB Roadster, you can go for the luxury of a Jaguar MKII or the wacky Mini Cooper S, you can step into the 70’s with the Porsche 914 or the 60’s in the Mercedes 230sl.

It's a simple process. Take a classic motor car off the busy highways and find more interesting and challenging routes on delightful and scenic B roads. It may take a little longer, but, isn’t this what it’s all about – going back in time, taking things a little more leisurely and Living The Dream!