MGB Roadster

You can't get much more classic than a MG with its great blend of chrome, styling and either fastback coupe styling or top-down wind-in-the-hair fun.

"Pure, unadulterated fun"; "motoring joy"; "pocket rocket"; "great fun to drive" - the MGB Roadster has been described as all of these! The nippy engine, loads of character, super fun handling and sweet-sounding exhaust will leave you wanting your very own Vintage MGB.

Everyone loves that little green sports car. Our MGB Roadster is a true classic. Assembled in Abingdon in 1969, it captures everything that was open air motoring in the sixties. Lots of wind, lots of noise, lots of looks!

What more can we say? If you're a Classic Car fan we guarantee you will fall in love with her during your classic car day. Chuck a picnic in the boot and go explore!