Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto

It's over 40 years now since Alfa Romeo launched the Duetto. Based on the Giulia 105 series chassis, the Spider was launched at the Geneva Motor Show in 1966. Unnamed at launch, the name "Duetto" was chosen in a write-in competition in Italy.

The Italian firm of Pininfarina was responsible for the design of the body; in fact, the Duetto was the last project with which founder Battista "Pinin" Farina was personally associated. Pininfarina were also responsible for the manufacture of the vehicle's monocoque construction (designed with the relatively new principles of crumple zones incorporated into the front and rear). The engine was a 1570 cc variant of the Alfa Romeo twin cam four cylinder engine, and produced 109 hp (81 kW). Sparsely fitted inside but including five speed transmission, disc brakes and independent front suspension, the price on launch in Italy was 2,195,000 lire.

Due to its round (or long) tail, the Series 1 Spider is sometimes known by the nick-name of "Osso di Sepia" - Italian for cuttlebone fish.

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