Mercedes 230 SL Pagoda

In March 1963 the Mercedes-Benz 230 SL made its debut at the Geneva Show, replacing the much acclaimed 190 SL and 300 SL models. Like its 190SL predecessor, its mechanical elements were derived from a contemporary saloon, in this instance the popular 220 SE model.

The 230 SL's 2.3 litre engine was an enlarged version of its fuel injected six cylinder overhead camshaft unit and there was the option of automatic or manual transmission. Suspension was all independent with a low pivot swing axle at the rear.

Mercedes engineering integrity, together with elegance and practicality, made the 'pagoda top' SL cars – so named because of the hardtop's concave roof – among the most distinctive designs of the era, in closed form offering handsome proportions and coupé-like comfort and with the hardtop removed offering lively open-top performance.

It is largely thanks to these attributes that they remain so universally popular today and command such a large market following. Presented in classic Mercedes-Benz silver metallic with black leather interior, this manual gearbox 230 SL convertible was first registered in 1965. Compared to the other Austins, Alfa Romeos and Triumphs of the day, the 230 SL represented an elegant sports car in an age of right angles. This well cared for style icon represents one of the better put together SLs on the road today